Spring 2017 – Ruby Mumtahin!

Ruby Mumtahin (aka soulmate<3),

Congratulations! You’re the Spring 2017 Honorable Hedgehog!  You deserve this award 100% and I’m honored to be able to present this to you. Thank you for all the hard work, time, and effort that you’ve put into our chapter. When deciding who to give this award to, I was hesitant on who to choose; there were a lot of people that I saw grow out of their shells, became better leaders, and had a lot of potential. After mulling over this for around three weeks, I finally realized something that set one person apart from all the others in the batch, and that would be your continuous dedication to this fraternity and the Murphey family from the very beginning of your time with APO. You are loved by this family and I’m sure they will all agree with giving you this award (if not tell me and I’ll fight them (ง’̀-‘́)ง). Personally, I think you’re a beautiful person, inside and out. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but I really look up to you a lot and I want to be able to be a better brother like you. Never forget that you are an important part of our family, and that we will always be here for you if you need us; just like how you’re always here when we need you. Keep being awesome and never let anything, no matter how trivial, discourage you from doing what you want to accomplish. Your goals are within your reach, and I can’t wait to see the great things you will achieve in the future.

Best wishes,

Rachel Doan (Fall 2016)


Fall 2016


December 2nd, 2016

Dear Rachel Doan,

You have been chosen for the Murphey family award. There are many reasons why I chose you! You have been involved and present throughout many APO events this semester. You are also loved and appreciated by everyone in the chapter and the Murphey family (debatable by Douglas). We are thankful that you are in our family, and thankful that you have done many things to stay involved with the chapter. You are always there to lend a helping hand to others and there to roast on other people, especially Ancel. I hope you know that your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you for being you and keep being awesome 4ever. #Murphey4lyfe